• Game Engines: Foundry (Cryptic Studios in-game tool), ShiVa, Torque.
  • Design Skills: 3D level design, character abilities, combat design, encounter pacing, creative writing, dialog, abstract puzzles, and rule documentation.
  • Scripting Languages: Python, ShiVa, Torque.
  • Supplemental Skills: technical writing (user documents and internal work instructions for industrial laboratory automation).



  • Star Trek Online/Neverwinter missions created with the Foundry tool.
    • Published 5 Neverwinter and 1 Star Trek Online missions.
    • Missions chosen to be featured in-game 3 times by the developers.
    • Quest “A Kidnapping at Blacklake” featured on,, and 3 YouTube playthroughs.
    • Over 148,000 plays and over 1,000,000 in-game currency in tips from other players.
  • Avenue Z: single player shooter/maze game created solo with the ShiVa engine.
    • Designed gameplay, art style, technical design, player & enemy abilities, UI, and audio.
    • Scripted algorithm to randomly generate maps from custom tiles and checked for maps for solvability with recursive map walking.
  • Big Fish: contract level design for browser fishing game with the ShiVa engine.
    • Created mountain lake level using 2 texture sets to give summer and winter levels.
  • Mice & Mystics: Heart of Glorm & Downwood Tales board game expansions.
    • Alpha testing of missions, abilities, and enemies as well as rules polishing.
    • Created 5 player abilities to fit into the existing game system.
  • Streets & Sidewalks: area control tile-laying board game (unpublished).
    • Designed gameplay and art style, and wrote rulebook.
    • Balanced gameplay for challenge level and game length by altering tile layouts, amounts of each tile, and number of tiles in a hand.
  • Comanauts: story-driven co-op board game prototype delivered to publisher per request.
    • Designed 6 character/10 abilities each, 34 enemies/3 abilities each, 25 event cards, 27 reward cards, and 21 story cards, along with combat and progress systems.
    • Designed dice-based combat system, story progress/event systems, and NPC AI.



  • Laboratory Automation Sales/Service Engineer (2003-present): customer focused positions, managed projects with teams in other departments, analyzed robot downtime data for 5 year period and identified ways to optimize uptime while minimizing system rework.
  • Biophysics Professor (1998-2001): Initiated 3 year protein engineering research program and managed students in the lab. Completed work and presented at professional conferences. Taught introduction and upper level physics and biophysics classes.
  • Creative Writing: Published A Clockwork Murder (steampunk novel), Choosing Fate (hard sci fi short story), and 3 Nerni & Friends children’s books (STEM-focused early reader books).



  • Ph.D., Bioengineering, University of Washington
  • B.S., Physics, Haverford College