Neverwinter and Star Trek Online: Foundry Quests (user generated content with the in-game editor)
The Foundry tool allows users to create their own missions using existing art assets. Each mission includes a story, NPCs, dialog trees, enemy encounters, light event scripting, and multiple hand-built levels. Mission titles and in-game codes shown below.

  • Neverwinter
    • A Kidnapping in Blacklake: NW-DKXH6L8HF *Featured in-game by the developers
    • Vermin in the Cave: NW-DFLD7L43P
    • Lair of the Mad Psion: NW-DIE8OOAWK
    • Back to the Ice Grind: NW-DNOZ488LI
    • Tomb of the White Dragon: NW-DL7ULT2QV *Featured in-game by the developers
  • Star Trek Online
    • Party Crashers:¬†ST-HUY4Y2D5Q



    Avenue Z: Classic arcade style 2.5D zombie shooter/maze game created with the ShiVa engine. Enemies get tougher as you play and gain points.


    s-n-s banner

    Streets & Sidewalks: An area control board game played with hexagonal tiles.